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About Us

Our family has been breeding small dogs for almost 20 years. With a move out into the country and lots more room we started researching for a larger breed to enjoy. With allergies in the family and small kids temperment and coat were of the most import. So we added our first poodle to the family in 2006.

Shortly after that we figured she needed a friend more her size. She enjoyed playing with our small dogs, but they weren't enjoying it quite as much as she was! It was at that point we found our first black Goldendoodle.  

Her temperament was fantastic and she fit into our family so quickly. Training her was easier than training our poodle as she had such an eagerness to please and would do anything. 

 From there are program grew from Goldendoodles to include a couple F1B Labradoodles, a spunky sporting breed that excelled on the farm. Our client base and happy customers also grew. In an effort to meet the continued requests of a smaller miniature size, we added in a line of adorable Cockapoos and smaller poodle studs. As more and more canine allergy sensitive people contacted us, we also wanted to provide a nice sized "guaranteed" hypoallergenic mix of Whoodles...both parent breeds being considered Hypoallergenic and good for allergy sufferers.    

        We have prided ourselves in providing quality pets to families for years.  

Our goal is to provide the best natured family pet possible. A pup that will grow up to be healthy, require little maintenance and moderate exercise. To be able to provide an easy to train dog to fit into almost any life style.   

Our goal is to diversify bloodlines with breeds that compliment each other. To reduce negative breed characteristics and inherited problems. We breed for temperament and health for a quality pet. 

Our Goal is to find our puppies great homes that will provide for them for life. Provide not only the basics of food, water and shelter, but stability, love and proper structure. We expect from all our new puppy families that their new puppy will never lack.

Our goal is to provide support for our pups so that their new families can create the best pet possible. To give them the information needed to steer their new addition in the right direction.

Our goal is to provide great companions for their lifetime. 

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