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Active Life Style? Have Fun With a Dood!

    Doodles have very playful personalities and enjoy active lifestyles. They are always ready for a good romp! Their versatility, endurance and intelligence make them perfect candidates for whatever it is you would like to do when them.

 The doodles willingness to please shows in everything you want to do with them. They love to play games of fetch and Frisbee or go for a swim. Off leash areas are boundless fun.

Doodles do well in competitive sports as well. The excel at obedience, agility, fly ball, field trials and many more competitions. Look for information on all dog show in your area and take home the ribbons with your doodle.  

 The calm nature of these guys also makes them great candidates as companion dogs. Obtaining your canine good neighbour standing and being able to take your dogs into retirement homes and facilities brings joy and smiles to almost everyone. More information on obtaining you CGN can be found here.

 A well trained doodle is also a great addition to any camping trip. They love visits to the lake and spending time hiking on the trails. They make great hunting buddies out in the field or bird dogs near water. If taking them hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking please make sure that they add to the enjoyment of yourself and others around you!

~At the end of the day, the happiest Doodle is a loved Doodle~ 

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