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References and Responses from Previous Placements

Just wanted to send an update with some pictures of Professor. He is growing like crazy and is doing very well. He is learning commands very quickly and now knows sit, stay, turn around, come, shake a paw, away from table, time for bed, and we are working on a few others. He shows us with his signs that he needs to go out already, it is going far easier that I expected when we were thinking of getting a puppy.

Anyways I just wanted to say thanks so much for Professor we are looking forward to many memories with him. He has already figured out some favorite places to lay and follows us around and plops down at our feet if we stand still for a minute. He is the sweetest!

Hello again,

I just wanted you to know that Iona is doing great. She is so smart and affectionate and we absolutly LOVE her! Sorry that we have not contacted you earlier it is just that we both started new jobs in July and life just flew by!! I thought I would update you on the past months of caring for her. Poor Iona broke her leg in May, she wiggled out of mommies arms and fell funny. It was her left hind leg and thank God it was it was a clean break. She spent three weeks in a cast then one week in a splint and she is just fine now...lets just say her pet parent mom was more upset then she was!! She got spade in August everything went well, we got her microchipped and she has all her shots up to date.

She does well with other dogs as long as they are polite. We have taken her to the off leash parks and she tends to react when large dogs run at her. She also slightly gaurds her food...more like bones and treats (she has started to out grow this behavior) other then that she has no major issues. We put her into obedience classes and she passed with flying colors. She is a very fast learner!

However, she is a bit spoiled...she has bed right beside our bed...she has canned food mixed into her dog food because she gets bored with her food...she gets minimum of 40 minutes a day walks and she has puppy parents that have given her every toy possible for a dog!

During the summer my friends and I would have "puppy dates" so our dogs could socialize. My sister got a small dog and they play constantly together and often need baths after they finish playing.

Iona's fur is shorter then a golden retreiver and she has a poodle shaped face and sheds less then a golden retreiver, however I do not react to her. She weighs roughly 56 lbs and I don't think she will go any larger.

My sister Sherri LOVES Iona and she is intrested in getting a goldendoodle during the spring or summer next year. Are you still breeding goldendoodles?

Anyway we have taken over 104 pictures of Iona over the course of her growing up and she is so beautiful!

I hope all is well with your family and I wish you a very Merry Chrsitmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi there,

Just wanted to give you an update on Missy Moo (aka Kandee). 

She has adapted wonderfully to our home and lifestyle. She’s a great walker and has even done some short hikes and a backcountry ski with us. She’s good off leash and doing fine in our backyard and around the house – pooing and peeing outside is no problem – she sits by the door when it’s time to go and we have a schedule down pat. She also sleeps through the night in her kennel and is great on her leash! What a wonderful addition. On Christmas she was perfectly happy to enjoy all 16 people who came for dinner but mostly curled up and slept in the corner. She is a charmer.

Thanks again for brining Missy into our lives,


'Just dropping you a quick line to let you know about our puppie we got from you. We named her Sadie and she is just perfect. She is soo smart. She is catching on to the house training easily, walks great on a leash, knows how to sit (but definately has not learned the 'come' command!). We are kennel training her so she sleeps in her kennel and goes in when noone is home. She doesn't mind it too much. Anyways we just love her so much and thanks again.



Thanks so much! he is doing really great by the way, he doesn't whine or bark when in his crate at all and he is learning small things. he is a very smart little guy! We have named him Mojito, meaning "little soul" He has done really great going to the bathroom outside and he seems to prefer the girls to us, he does however follow me everywhere. 

Thanks so much we really love him,



Forgive me if that's not how your name is spelled.

We came last weekend and bought "Honey."

(I was the one who said I'm really not a dog person.)

She has really made me see I just hadn't found a dog I coud fall in love with.

She was really quiet the first day, and now she is acting like a regular puppy...chewing toes and wrestling.

We are so pleased that she is paper-trained and RaRELY barks, (that is such a plus).

She is so affectionate that I feel myself changing ; enjoying my days more.

Thank you for the detailed "instructions" which have already proved invaluable.

Thanks again!


Dear Grant and Jaye:

Thank you sooo much for making our lives 100% complete now with our newest family member "Buddy". We could tell from day 1 when we got him from you guys, that he was so well behaved already at only 7 weeks, and potty trained! WOW that was a shocking surprise. His personality is definitly one of a kind, and he is so cuddly, playful, and affectionate. :) We could not have asked for a better pup.

Thank You

SIncerly Mel, and A.J

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