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A Word On Allergies and Shedding

 It is widely believed that Labradoodles and goldendoodles are all hypoallergenic and good for people with allergies. The findings from research in this area are numerous, conflicting and confusing. 

Allergies in families are pretty common and it is estimated that approximately 30% of children in dog owning families will be sensitized to dog allergen. It is believed that only 10% of families with allergies have reactions to Doodles.

It is very difficult when placing a pup with a family to be able to tell if the puppy will continue to not cause an allergic reaction. For the first twelve months of a puppy's life their coat is continually changing. Afterward their adult coat is in and a reaction could occur. Also Allergies change over time, so continued exposure can produce a reaction years down the road.

There are several things on a dog someone can be allergic to. The hair, the scurf (dandruff), tears, saliva and the urine. 

The test results provided by the Australian Guide Dogs Association have found no correlation between allergies and coat type. Both shedding and non shedding coats were found to produce allergies and vice versa.

It would be my suggestion that if looking for a dog for a family with allergies that you should purchase a breed that is reliably hypoallergenic. Although Poodles are regarded as having an feminine air to them, they are a great choice as a family pet on their own. They are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic in most cases, come in three different sizes so can fit in any household and are extremely intelligent and good with children.  

 If you are still certain that a Doodle is the dog for your family, more research on Doodles and allergies can be found on the Links page or some test results can be found here.  

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