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Goldendoodle History

Golden Retrievers and Poodles had successful matings and created great hunting and family dogs long before the "designer dog" phenomenon of today. Back then they were known as everything from Goldiepoos, Groodles, Curly Retrievers, and Goodles. But this dog by any other name was still fantastic.

The popularity of Goldendoodles came about with the success of the Labradoodles. When seeing the success of another American and Canadian favorite, the Labrador, crossed with the Poodle, it made sense to meld the wonderful qualities of a Retriever with the Poodle with the hopes of creating a low shedding and allergenic coat .

With that the Goldendoodle was officially born! The eager to please Golden a perfect match for the wonderful family dog the poodles already made.

The personality and traits of the Retriever and Poodles were a great match. Both were hunting dogs that love the water and the people they live with. Combined they made an intelligent, gentle, tolerant dog that was eager to please.  

Since their conception Goldendoodles have proven themselves to be excellent service dogs to the blind and to the deaf. They have made great license therapy dogs and companion animals to people with disabilities.

Through artificial insemination we are now seeing the emergence of miniature and medium doods. Retrievers bred to toy and miniature poodles. Other colors are also beginning to be developed to make more eye appealing dogs.

The experiment to create an intelligent companion was a success!

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